Welcome to Claudia Fajardo Jewelry we are a Colombian brand created 15 years ago and made up of 12 passionate people committed to making jewelry with a vibrant and fun concept. Our pieces are 100% handmade with a unique combination of colorful woven glass beads and sterling silver. Our brand concept is born from the interlacing of materials and shades that we hope will bring you joy and become a daily staple. Much like our weaving technique, we seek that each piece expresses its identity by creating emotional connections with our customers and intertwining themselves with them for a lifetime.




(703) 4 75 4728 (U.S.A)
(57) 321 4 53 99 89 (Colombia)

Claudia Fajardo was born in Colombia and has been a jewelry designer for 15 years. Since she was a child, her dream has always been to be a jeweler, a passion that followed her during her Industrial Design career. Her learning focused on this discipline and culminated in designing a jewelry collection as a graduate thesis.

Upon finishing her university studies, she dedicated herself to learning casting, setting, and design techniques and it has been 15 years since she made her first pieces in 925 silver. Nature and its shapes, colors, and compositions have been the engine of her creativity and have given her the direction to start a search for materials full of color and texture, connecting them
with jewelry.

In 2013 she began studies in alternative jewelry materials at the Corcoran Institute of Design in Washington D.C. and she began participating in design fairs in Washington, Baltimore, New York, and Paris. These trips enriched her artistic process and contributed to her growth in creating her jewelry. Her workshop located in Bogotá has a great team of 10 people, most of them mothers who are heads of households, who have accompanied her for more than 12 years.

By combining her knowledge of weaving with metal pieces, Claudia has created the hallmark of her brand, a solid and differentiating identity in the category. The process of taking ancient techniques used by indigenous Colombian populations and combining them with noble materials has resulted in a design proposal with a unique value and an ancestral charge that reflects the connection with different communities of her native country.